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Throughout the year, we offer an array of different workshops each season.  Scroll down below to see what each season has to offer. Current classes, happening now, are posted on our Facebook page and website with additional information, where you can sign up for each project. Our classes sell out fast, so to have first access to them, sign up for our newsletter. With each workshop, you will have a hands on experience with the greenhouses to inspire you to creatively craft your very own one of a kind piece.

Thinking these projects are out of your creative comfortability? Have no fear! That’s what these classes are for, to learn new things and get in touch with your artsy side. There will also be multiple staff members who are happy to assist you with any help, questions or creative pointers you may want or need.


Fall Workshops

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Fall Wreaths

Cozy up your home with your very own fall wreath, created with an array of embellishments

florist in green bay wi

Succulent Pumpkins

Go to the next level with your fall decorating and create a one of a kind succulent pumpkin with us

Green Bay flowers

Fall Planters

Add a personalized touch to your home with a planter perfect for your fall festivities

Winter Workshops

flowers green bay wi

Holiday Wreath

Create your own festive wreath, just in time for the holidays

florists in green bay wisconsin

Kissing Balls

Jazz up your holiday festivities with a one of a kind kissing ball

florists in green bay wisconsin

Holiday Planter

Create the planter of your holiday dreams for your home all season long

flowers green bay wi

Succulent Trees

Nothing says holiday cheer like a mini succulent tree

Spring Workshops

flowers green bay wi

Edible Baskets

Get planting with cold weathered, usable produce this season

Green Bay flowers

Succulent Terrariums

Create your own terrariums with mini succulents to hang in your home

florist in green bay wi

Plant Mounting

Get creative with mounting plants onto a piece of wood 

florist in green bay wi

Spring Wreaths

Personalize your own wreath for the perfect spring decoration

Summer Workshops

Due to the greenhouses’ warm weather,  there are only a few summer classes that are offered per year.  These are a few we’ve offered in the past.

florists in green bay wisconsin

Plant Your Junk

Plant up those unusual pieces in your home and reuse them to create a beautiful arrangement or planter

Green Bay floral

Bonsai Planting

Plant up your own zen garden with one of our many bonsai and personalize it with embellishments

florist in green bay wi

Moss Pole Planting

Make your own moss pole for vining houseplants or to support those large, off balanced plants of yours